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Paden PTA's 2019-20 Board

Craig Williams - President

Jenn Ekman - Vice President

Kerri Bandics - Secretary

Kirsten Upson Ponssa - Treasurer

Lauren Grupp - Historian

Sari Will - Parlimentarian

Donate to the PTA


Paden PTA is made up of families and teachers working together to create the best possible educational environment for every child at our school. The PTA is a dedicated group of volunteers who spend time in the classroom, organize events and programs, send out communications and raise funds to support a range of programs from field trips and assemblies to classroom and curriculum enhancements.


The PTA exists because decades of research have shown that children do better when their families are involved both at home and at school. Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self esteem grows. Schools improve. 


Make these outcomes a reality for your child, your school, and your community by being involved in Paden PTA. Please consider coming to a PTA meeting. We meet the second or third Wednesday of most months (check the calendar for exact dates), at 6:30 pm. Free babysitting is provided. Join us!


Do have questions or would like something added to the meeting agenda? Email the board at

Volunteer Log

In order to maintain our non-profit status, it’s important for the PTA to show that it has an active membership. One way we do that is by recording the number of volunteer hours donated to the PTA. Please be sure to record your time spent working on PTA programs or business on the form linked below. Thank you

Volunteer Tracking Form Click Here

Join Us Online!


By popular demand, the school and PTA calendar is available as a shared Google calendar. You can search for the calendar ( or view the calendar at this link.

If you notice a discrepancy between the Paden School Calendar and our Gmail calendar - please email to let us know!

Show your Pelican Pride by wearing a Paden tank, tee or sweatshirt! More information at the following link!


Support Paden and the PTA

Put your ideas, dollars, and efforts toward making Paden a great place to learn and play by the Bay. Please support Paden PTA and help contribute to your child’s educational experience.

Visit the Support Paden page to see how you can help!

  • Volunteer your ideas and time

  • Fundraisers and Monetary Donations

  • Shop for Paden