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Tomorrow Youth Repertory

Classes are held on Wednesdays from 2-4 pm.

Please visit for more information about the program.

(Scholarships are available.)

Registration for Fall 2021 TBA.


Enrichment Classes



Through Alameda Education Foundation, Paden offers many after school enrichment program to students, including drama, art, music, science, dance, carpentry, chess, caligraphy, and more. These classes will vary in price. Scholarships are available. To check the current list of classes or to register, go to AEF's website . We are always looking for new members for the Enrichment Committee. Please contact the front office if you are interested in helping to continue this program to enrich our students' lives.

Enrollment for Alameda Education Foundation Enrichment classes.

The AEF After School Enrichment program is offers classes at Paden each fall and spring. Check back for enrollment dates, or visit the AEF website for more information. 

Visit AEF's website for updates to available classes and prices.

If your child goes to onsite daycare they can still join this class.  Someone will escort them to and from the class.


  • TBA

A limited number of scholarships are available for students on the AUSD lunch program - to apply, email

Questions? Please email

To Register go to and click on the blue enrichment button