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General information about volunteering while your child is with AUSD can be found here:  AUSD Volunteer Site


It is the policy of AUSD that any adult volunteer who will be alone with students without a teacher present must be fingerprinted. If you are volunteering in the classroom, you do not need to undergo this process. However, if you wish to accompany your child on a field trip as a chaperone, you must be fingerprinted in order to do so.


To volunteer as a chaperone on a field trip, you must be fingerprinted by following the process below:


Complete the following two forms:

  1. Volunteer Information/Agreement Form

  2. Livescan Form - hard copies available at the front office

Bring the LiveScan form with you when you get your fingerprints scanned. The LiveScan operator will give you a copy that you return with the volunteer information form to the front office. The front office will submit to AUSD HR (keep a copy if you'd like to request reimbursement from the PTA).


This is a one-time procedure that will be reported to AUSD Human Resources so that you may continue to volunteer and chaperone when your child(ren) is (are) in middle or high school as well.


There are funds available if this is cost prohibitive for your family. You will need to pay the cost up front, but keep a copy of your receipt to request reimbursement from the PTA. Complete a Payment Authorization form, attach your receipt and submit to the PTA treasurer (available in the front office or at the following link). 


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