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We've just finished Module 2--Introduction to Place Value through Addition and Subtraction within 20. We'll assess and start Module 3 in 2020.


We're working on strategies that Good Readers use to understand stories. Phonics and small group instruction has begun.


We're working on Informational writing through February.


We're still working with the FOSS Plants and Animals unit and connecting that to our local environment. We also had a virtual field trip this week to the penguin exhibit at the CA Academy of Science. 

Social Studies

How do the Rights, Rules and Responsibilities of citizens change in different communities and at different times?

Ms. Swanson


Hello! I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, joyful break from school and that you have time to spend with friends and family. I will miss the kids and look forward to seeing them in the New Year!

Math Tip Sheets

If you want to get a quick overview of what we're working on in Math, please click on the links below for a Parent Tip Sheet. You can also look for lesson summary videos on YouTube by grade, module and lesson.

Module 1                                                         

Module 2                                                                   

Module 3

Module 4                                                       

Module 5                                                                    

Module 6

Bay Area Discovery Museum
Field Trips

Our first field trip is to Crab Cove on Wednesday, October 2. We'll be doing an all-day rotation of activities to learn more about our Bay.


Other trips this year may include walking trips to do beach clean-up, library visits, the Farmers Market, the OMCA, the BACT, the MOCHA, and the BADM.