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Title I

Come visit us next door to the Makers Space!

Introducing your Title I team : Betsy Weiss and Lisa Cuenca.

Paden's diverse community earns our school two additional staff and curriculum resources to provide more differentiated instruction to all kids!

We are funded by money from the federal government based on the number of students attending Paden who qualify for free/reduced lunch.

For more official nitty gritty about Title I funding check out this link or for an overview click here.


What do we do at Paden?

  • We collaborate with all the teachers at Paden analyzing students' assessments, planning rlanguage curriculum for all students.
  • We may proctor and score tests and reading inventories (one-on-one interviews) with students throughout the year.  
  • We teach small groups during SWAP (Switching With A Purpose), giving more time or alternative strategies to master skills.
  • We will support teachers in giving English Language Development lessons at the variety of proficiency levels in each grade level.
  • We manage a library of sets of leveled books for small-group reading activities.
  • We recruit and train volunteer reading tutors to work with Paden students.
  • We offer strategies and supplemental materials to families to work at home with their children on literacy skills.
Recommended Reads

Eureka Math Tips for Families MODULE 5


Please go to the link below for tips on how to help your child with our current math module on fractions.  There are helpful illustrations of the terms used in the Eureka curriculum to explain breaking whole shapes, containers or lines into equal parts.

Eureka Math Tips For Families MODULE 4


Please go to this link for a great overview of this module introducing the concept of area and reinforcing skills with multiplication.  We started working on this Module on January 7.

Eureka Math Tips for Families - MODULE 3



Please go to this link for a great overview of our next module dealing with larger factors and deeper conceptualization of multiplication and division.

Eureka Math Tips for Families - MODULE 2


Please go to this link for a great overview of our place value and measurement module starting October 2.

Eureka Math Tips for Families- MODULE 1


Use this link for info on our first module of study concerning fundamental multiplication and division concepts: