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"Watching students play at recess today  was one of the most inspiring things I've seen at a school since having kids... Something special happens when you just

let kids be kids."

- Leona Toves, AUSD parent and substitute teacher


Recycled Material Donations

If you have any materials to donate or know of a business who might, please contact Mrs. Head or Kate Meade.


Thank you for your support!

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Speed Pro East Bay 

TAP plastics


Play by the Bay

Paden Play Sheds are Front Page News!

Read how Paden Elementary extended morning recess and incorporated loose parts for imaginative play.

Extra! Extra! Click the headline below to read the front page article.

san francisco chronicle


Watch this illustrated Ted Talk about how play leads to great inventions!

Research: Kids Need Play

Scrapstore PlayPods in Action

To learn more about the benefits of recycled play, check out this video.


Why to Include Loose Parts on the Playground

This Scholastic article summarizes the benefits of children being able to play with materials that are easily movable. 


How Schools Ruined Recess - And Four Things Needed to Fix It 

Lessons of schools like Swanson Elementary in New Zealand illustrate how space, trust, time, and loose parts can help provide recess that values the needs of the whole child.


The Harm of Limiting Movement

Hanscom writes, "...the very movements we are restricting children from doing to keep them 'safe' are the exact exercises I’ve used as a pediatric occupational therapist to help treat the increasingly “unsafe” behaviors seen by veteran teachers in the United States."


A World Without Play - Literature Review

A lengthy but informative review of the research about play and its importance on child development.

What do you mean you played with garbage?

Have you heard about the recycled play at home? Please share any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns with us. We want to hear from you!